Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Living with Luke

He's finally starting to have that word explosion that everyone talks about - he'll try to copy a lot of things that you say now - even if they don't come out quite right. I love it!

Aside from that, he's said/done some of the cutest things in the last week:

- I was in the living room and he brought me an empty bowl and said "uh oh." Turns out it was the bowl that used to contain the cat's water. Uh oh is right.

- If you're doing something that he doesn't like (changing his diaper, or doing something for him) he will tell you "no no me." We think it either means "no, don't do that to me" or "no, I want to do that."

- He loves to play the piano. If he starts banging and you tell him to "use one finger" he will start to nicely play with just one finger on each hand.

- Tonight he brought me a book and said "dog" and then signed "go". Yep, the book was "Go dog go." Such a little smarty pants!

- He brought me a cat toy and told me that it was "ball cat." I love that he's putting words together, even if they aren't quite in the right order.

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