Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

(Picture taken by Kathy!)

We had an amazing time this morning with some of our friends at a parade and lunch. Kelli's neighborhood has this great little parade in their neighborhood with a band, some cars, a fire truck, and lots of the neighborhood kids! We decorated Luke's little car to push in it. Balloons, candy, water, and popsicles were passed out!

Here comes the parade! We waited on a corner just a little ways down from the start so that we could see them coming. We joined in as they passed us.

Balloons are cool!

Buddies Rowan and Andrew shared a wagon

Miss Leah - poor thing had to put up with boys all morning

Popsicles are good!

Ok, I'm done now. I think I'll climb out.

After he got bored with the car, Luke got to chill with his friend Sammy in their swagger wagon.

After the parade we had lunch and played in Rowan's backyard. Luke seemed to enjoy pushing the car around.

Today's attempt at a toddler group shot. Luke says "see ya! I'm out!"

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