Sunday, September 18, 2011

19 months

Age: 19 months

Weight: I would guess between 29 and 30 lbs.

Length: Taller than 34"

Size: Size 5 diapers, and mostly in 24 month shirts. 18 month pants still fit. Someone explain this to me - Luke is 19 months old, and 89% for height - yet some 18 month pants are still too long. Short legs I guess!

Hair: Almost to the point that he needs another trim.

Teeth: 16 teeth - the 2 year molars are the only ones left

Sleeping: He goes down at 7:30 and lately we've been waking him up just past 7. He takes one nap. On Sundays that nap seems to be 3 hours - and then it dwindles down as the week goes on.

Eating: He loves peanut butter now - yay! Other staples are still cheese, cheerios, yogurt, mac&cheese, and crackers. He's been willing to try other things - we actually ate apple slices yesterday!

Movement: All over the place. He can do the small porch step up and down, unassisted now.

Talking: he tries to repeat almost everything we say now, even if he doesn't know what it means. He's also added several words that he uses on a consistent basis. I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but words that were new this month: turtle, paper, poop, mommy, door, bowl, Pat, choo-choo, apple, trash, truck, knee, and Nemo.

There are some words he has said but doesn't necessarily on a regular basis: star, crab, backpack, and pancake. He also does several animals sounds: a cow says moo, a horse says neigh, a sheep says baa, a dinosaur/bear/tiger/lion says "roar", a chicken "clucks" (said by clucking his tongue), and a birdy says "tweet tweet."

The words from last month still apply as well: mama, dada/daddy, ball, no, yea, wow, uh oh, cat, dog, hat, hot, hi, duck, more, Matt, rocks, water, frog, and car.

Signing: This is really phasing out, although there are some words he refuses to say and will only sign. Bird, fish, and airplane are some of them.

Favorite toys/activities: He loves his little people. We have a garage/ramp and a town and he stays busy with them for hours. He also loves music and loves to dance.

Dislikes: He doesn't like waiting for food - when he decides he's hungry he'll start yelling eat until you get him some food.

Disposition: Happy and loving. I was cooking yesterday and he came up to me and put his arms around my legs and gave me a big hug - then went on with whatever he was doing.

Other cute things about him:
*We find out that he knows all sorts of things from school. He can do hand motions to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and he can sing the first part of "Row row row your boat" also with hand motions. It was the same on the animal sounds - we didn't know he knew them until we were reading Brown Bear one night and he told us what they said - we were shocked!
*He knows all of the kids in his classroom. He can't say their names, but they have a poster with all of their faces and if you quiz him he will tell you where each person is.
*Nemo has replaced Cars in the movie obsession.
*Nemo IS the obsession. He loves his little Nemo friend and takes him everywhere.
*He now calls me mommy most of the time, instead of mama.
*They are working on letters, numbers, and shapes at school. There are days when I would swear that he knows A, B, and C. I'll draw them and ask him where the A is, etc - and he knows it! That seems to come and go though, so I'm not sure if it's just coincidence.
*He likes to go around and tell us who things belong to. Daddy or mommy. It's funny to see who he thinks owns some of them. For instance, toilet paper = daddy.

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