Saturday, September 17, 2011

Catch up post

I realized tonight that I've had several pictures on my phone and just saved on my computer that I've been meaning to share. As summer is ending, I thought now might be a good time to do that.

First up - Luke's black eye. This was his first one (yes, he's had more than one) - he ran into a toilet paper roll holder.

You have to keep an eye on him when he decides to feed the kitties - apparently they were very hungry.

He had lucky charms for the first time recently - can you tell which part he liked? (Hint: notice what is missing ...)

We made the mistake of letting him drive the car at the grocery - now he thinks he gets to everytime we go.

That bin on his head? It used to contain all of those pom pom balls that you see on the floor.

He went to see his very first baseball game a few weeks ago. Karen's boyfriend Matt is on a softball team and Luke had a great time cheering them on! (Or rather, like any little kid - he had a great time climbing up and down the bleachers.)

We made another trip to the children's museum. I absolutely love that we have a membership there. The most recent trip was mostly spent in the dinosaur and train areas and we didn't have to feel guilty about not hitting up many other exhibits.

We went to an awesome ice cream social hosted by my friend Annie. I think I ate 9 different kinds of ice cream - my favorites were a salted caramel and a strawberry one - so good! There is a chance that Luke has a slight milk allergy, so he got to have his own special almond milk ice cream. His friend Andrew is drinking a milk shake shooter here.

We've been hitting up several parks. This was at one called Coxhall gardens - they have a neat little area that looks like a miniature village. Luke got to play in the jail, the bank, and here in the garden.

In August we had a picnic with the other kids from Luke's toddler room at daycare. I rented a shelter at a local park and I think everyone had a great time! (The water table certainly helped!)

Our little neighbor came up and asked me if Luke had eaten some chocolate. Nope, that was dirt.

We made another trip to the zoo, and got to see our new baby elephant!

This was a great trip for Luke - he was more interested than before. He told us about the animals as well. Did you know that lemurs are actually cats? And meerkats are really dogs? Luke will tell you all about it.

Petting a shark!

I think that's it for my summer catchup post! Tomorrow's post - my baby boy is 19 months old!

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