Friday, September 02, 2011

Luke and Mommy Day!

When I start my new job next week, I'll be working Monday-Friday. I've been trying not to dwell on how much I'm going to miss my Fridays home with Luke - I just start to cry if I think about it. Instead, I made sure that our last Mommy and Luke Friday was a great one!

We had a breakfast date at IHOP. We split 2 pancakes (with strawberries!), eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, and 2 pieces of sausage. I think Luke ate most of the pancakes - he was only willing to share a few bites. Still, the best part in his eyes was the balloon that he got when we were leaving.

Then it was on to Monkey Joes! It's a great place with lots of bounce house type things. Luke had an absolute blast! It was nice for me that he could do his usual running around, jumping, crashing into things - but this was like being in a padded room.

They had bigger ones that Luke could do as long as I was with him. This was one of the bigger slides - it was fast!

After Monkey Joes it was time for McDonald's happy meal! Luke thought the toy inside was awesome - he kept looking in the box for "more!"

After naptime we did a little shopping at fun store called Garden Ridge. You'll see what we bought when I get to the dinner portion of our day.

Then we came home, watched a little Nemo, and made chocolate chip cookies! Luke helped me pour everything in. He especially loved when we cracked the eggs open.

He wanted to help hold the mixer, but ended up settling for just touching the back of it.

Then it was time to put in the chocolate chips ... which he did (Until he realized that it was more fun to eat them!)

When it was all ready, he helped put it on the cookie sheet.

Although didn't quite understand why it wouldn't easily come off of the spoon. At one point he flicked it so hard that we had cookie dough splattered all over the place.

And of course, what is making cookies if you don't sneak a little bit of the dough?

Why do these take so long?

While we were waiting, we watched some more "Nemo!" and played with a new car garage.

Finally! The cookies were done! He worked so hard that I let him have one before dinner.

To end our day, we were going to have a picnic dinner, but it was way too hot. Instead, I made toast with peanut butter and used our fun new sandwich cutter that we bought today! It's an awesome cutter that cuts bread/sandwiches into a train! (Or "tchoo tchoo" as Luke calls it.)

So a great great day with my favorite little man!!


Unknown said...

Great post!

Michele said...

OK I'm trying to figure this out. Great post!

Kathy said...

I'm so glad you had fun :) Love all the pictures. You look awesome Laura!