Monday, December 19, 2011

22 months

Age: 22 months!

Weight: I'll guess 33lbs or so

Length: Over 34"

Size: Size 5 diapers during the day; size 6 at night. Shoes size 6. Clothes are 24 months or 2T. Pajamas are 3T for some reason.

Hair: The boy needs a haircut! We're hoping to get that squeezed in this week sometime.

Teeth: 16 - I can't tell how many of the 2 year molars are coming in, but I will be so happy when we're done with them.

Sleeping: Same as usual!

Eating: Staples are veggie pouches, chicken nuggets, mac&cheese, peanut butter and crackers. And he loves mustard and ranch. And syrup.

Talking: He said his first real 3 word sentence! "Help me daddy" - in reference to his trains. Just like last month, every day brings brand new words. He repeats things over and over (and over and over) until you acknowledge it.

Favorite toys/activities: choochoos, dinosaurs - especially when combined

Dislikes: having to sit in the cart at a store. He would rather walk. Unfortunately after a few minutes of that he decides he's done shopping period and will lay down in the middle of the aisle and tell me "night night."

Disposition: Emotional. He'll go from so very happy to so very not happy in the blink of an eye. This is not all the time - just on emotional days. Hey, we all have them right?

Other things about him:
*He wants to sit on the potty now. He hasn't gone and we are not potty training him yet, but he'll ask to go and wants his diaper off, so we'll sit him there.
*He loves all things Christmas. LOVES. I feel sorry for him when this holiday season is over.
*He is now forward facing in the car and just loves it!
*He's become very mommycentric. We think it's because Jason traveled for a little bit and he was a little mad at him. (On that, he would wake up in the morning and ask for daddy. When I'd tell him daddy is on a trip he'd ask "plane?")
*He dislocated his left elbow last week - 4th time this has happened, first in that arm. I'd like him to grow out of this soon!

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