Saturday, December 31, 2011


Since we're almost to the new year, I figured I should update on our Christmas celebrations! We started at our house on the 23rd - Santa was nice enough to come to our house a night early. We started with a pizza picnic dinner in front of the tree.

And waited on our cookies to bake

And read lots of Christmas books

We left out milk and cookies for Santa

And he came to our house!

On Christmas morning when Luke woke up he asked for his cookies. He was very concerned that "Santa eat Luke cookies?" When we got downstairs he bypassed the presents and went to inspect the cookie plate.

No worries though - he went back to his gifts! We opened everything and then did lots of playing! The best gift was the train table top that Jason and I made.

Close runner ups were the dinosaurs (rawrs) that Santa left in his stocking.

He also loved his easel and table/chairs from Santa!

Merry Christmas!

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