Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas Catch up

So I meant to have all of the Christmas posts done before the start of 2012. Oops.

I'll do a quick picture post of the rest of our holiday!

After having our own family Christmas we went down to Jason's parents for Christmas down there. Luke got lots of fun presents and we all had a great time!

An old present, but still a favorite!

Watching Frosty the Snowman. (Side note - we also watched Frosty Returns - do not waste your time.)

We left there for our third and final Christmas at my mom's.

This was probably my favorite gift to give this year. Patrick seems to really like vintage sports apparel. He has a vintage IU sweater that got him on the front page of the IDS (IU newspaper) a few years ago. I searched on Ebay and found him this awesome UK sweater.

My mom has talked about wanting cowboy boots for years - and now she has them!

Playing with a fun food cutting set (It's Melissa and Doug brand - and is awesome!)

Such a wonderful holiday!

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