Wednesday, January 18, 2012

23 months old

Age: 23 months!

Weight: I've been wrong on this lately. We actually weighed him this week and he's not quite 32 lbs.

Length: Over 34"

Size: Size 5 diapers during the day; size 6 at night. Shoes size 6. Clothes are 24 months or 2T. Pajamas are 3T.

Hair: Looking good :)

Teeth: I think 19 - which means one more 2 year molar and we're done!

Sleeping: Same as usual! My mom is always saying that she can't belive how good he is - apparently we were bad sleepers.

Eating: We are making some progress here! He's actually been willing to try different foods now - although after a few bites he decides he's done. At least he's trying. He'll eat any kind of chicken (not just nuggets now) - especially if he can have mustard with it. He ate a cheeseburger at school one day and came home and told me that it was "nummy" (yummy) and said he wanted to eat one. So off we went to McDonalds. Not the healthiest, but I was so excited it was something new.

Talking: nonstop. I wish that I had been keeping a list of his words, but that seems impossible now. Some of the cutest things come out of his mouth these days. He was wanting something the other day and I wanted him to say please, so I asked him to ask me nicely. He said "more nicely?" Sometimes we actually get please out of him. :) He's also learning to say "Excuse me" instead of "move mommy" when I'm in his way. He's also very demanding when he wants something. "Sit mommy. Play choo-choos mommy." He's starting to pronounce some of his old words correctly now - the one that sticks out is that water is no longer wawa, but water.

Favorite toys/activities: choochoos, dinosaurs - especially when combined. Dinosaur Train is a favorite show. He loves to be rocked before bed and wants his favorite books read - right now those are Where the Wild Things Are and Tickle Monster.

Dislikes: diaper changes in a big way.

Disposition: He's been such a happy little boy, although a bit needy

Other things about him:
*He peed on the potty! He sits on it occasionally and last week he actually peed. We're not sure that he knew he was doing it, but when he realized he got a sticker he wanted to do it again. Maybe potty training won't be so bad?
*He's learning to play us. I was rocking him one night and he kept wanting one more book read. Finally I told him we were done and were just going to rock. He settled down and we rocked for about 30 seconds. Then he leaned back and said "Daddy rock?" So Jason came in to rock him. As I was walking out of the room I heard him ask for a monster book.
*When he coughs he covers his mouth with the back of his hand.

*He's learning his shapes. He can recognize and say circle, triangle, squares, and diamonds.

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