Sunday, December 11, 2011

Catching up

So my last post was when Luke was 21 months old. He's now a week away from 22 months - safe to say I'm a little behind.

I'll do a quick November recap and then jump into the fun happenings of December!

Nov 4-6 - we made a trip up to Chicago. I was going to be running a 5K with my cousin Ryan and his wife Anne but that actually didn't end up happening. We had a great time visiting though! We stayed with Anne and Ryan, but also spent time with Matt and Alli, and my friend Chrissi.

That week we also got back Luke's school pictures. Yes, those are actually all different pictures. He apparently just wasn't feeling it that day and they couldn't get him to smile at all.

On November 12th we went to a holiday festival at Hamilton Town Center (the outdoor mall near our house.) We got to meet a reindeer and then later at night heard a band playing. That is also where Luke got his reindeer hat that was seen in the last post. It was getting cold and late though so we didn't stay for Santa's arrival.

This led into Thanksgiving! We celebrated at my mom's on Thursday and then down to Jason's parents on Friday/Saturday - I think I gained 5 lbs that weekend. :)

We did some crafts leading up to Turkey Day. This one was supposed to be a pumpkin turkey, but we had some issues with it so it was a deconstructed turkey.

I wanted to decorate some cookies on Thanksgiving - Luke just wanted to stack the sprinkles. I'm hopeful that the Christmas cookies will turn out a little better.

We did something fun that night - we went bowling! Luke really seemed to enjoy it - the bumpers came out for his turn, we would carry the ball up, and he'd push it. The first time we let him do it himself and I think it took a good 5 minutes to get down to the pins. After that we helped just a little.

Luckily he only decided to run down the lane once. I'm sure that was a sight, seeing this mama run after him.

We had a great time down at Jason's parents as well. I don't any good pictures (my camera started to crap out that weekend) but we played a lot, especially with all of Jason's old dinosaurs. Rawr!!

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