Friday, October 26, 2012

He has a name!

Ok, so he's actually had a name pretty much since our ultrasound when we found out he was a he, and while it wasn't a secret, we hadn't gone 100% public with it.  We call him by his name all the time, and so does Luke, so I figured we'd go ahead and tell the world.  :)

Our second little baby boy will be Ethan Todd.  :)  Ethan because we love it, and Todd because it's Jason's middle name.  Luke runs around and talks about Baby Ethan all the time.  Although he has a little bit of trouble with the "th" sound so it's his baby brofer Efan.  :)

That reminds me of another cute Luke big brother story.  We were at Old Navy last week and found a shirt that said "Best Big Bro" - I told Luke that and he got excited and said that "we need that at my house!"  So then we found Jason again and I asked Luke to show him the shirt.  He told Jason that it said "I'm Baby Ethan's brother!"  Close.  :)  So adorable!

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Kristy L. said...

Our nephew's name is Ethan. Josh calls him Efen as well. "Th" must be a tough sound for two-year olds.