Sunday, October 21, 2012

Picture catch up

I'm so behind on getting pictures on here - so here are a few from my phone for the last month or so.

Who doesn't wear a helmet when washing a car?  (This is actually part of his Halloween costume - at least he's getting some good use out of it!)

All ready to go into story time at Grandma's library.  I think he looks like a little GQ model here.

Playing at the playground.  I think he was excited that he climbed to the top by himself.

We went to a place called "My Gym" for a friend's birthday party.  I think he's ready to be an olympic gymnast.

All curled up with mommy and his baby brother.  :)

Such a handsome boy!  He looks so old to me in this picture.

Optimus Prime!  I found this brand new (with tags!) mask in a drawer in an empty cubicle at work.  Luke loves to wear it - in fact, he's been known to wear and nothing else, while going to the bathroom.  :)

Last weekend he told me he wanted to listen to the baby in his belly as well.  He has just been so very sweet with the idea of his baby brother.  The other day he said, "Mommy, can he come out now?  I want to play with him."  I think he's going to be disappointed when he arrives and just eats and sleeps.

Being silly in mommy's shoes.  Shortly after this he realized he could kick his foot and the shoe would go flying - that was a lot more fun than just walking around in them.

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