Sunday, June 19, 2011

16 months old

Age: 16 months

Weight: I'd guess between 27 and 28 lbs

Length: Something taller than 32 1/4 inches

Size: Same as last month - Size 5 diapers, and 18 month clothes. Carters 1 piece rompers and overalls seem to need to be 24 mos. Shoes are 4 1/2 (little guy has small feet.)

Hair: blondish brown but general consensus is that it's getting blonder by the day. He's had 3 haircuts so far.

Teeth: That awful last molar is through! Now we're working on the last canine - so he's almost got 16 teeth. I'm praying for a break until the 2 year molars.

Sleeping: Great, at night, like always! We've pushed him a bit closer to 7:30 to give us more time together in the evenings. He wakes up anywhere between 6 and 7am. Naps still suck. He typically gets one a day, for anywhere between 1 and 2 hours. There have been days at school when he only gets 45 min. Some weekend days he'll have 2 good naps, and other ones (Fridays it seems) he fights even one nap with all he's got. He sleeps with a pillow in his crib now and 2 blankets that he loves.

Eating: Still picky picky picky. He will always eat yogurt, granola bars, and cheerios. He hates all fruit. He loves soup. He's at least willing to try more now - I'll ask him to "just try and put a small piece in your mouth" and he does. Most of the time he spits it back out, but he actually ate some ham this weekend.

Movement: He is all over the place! He can climb on top of the coffee table now. He no longer likes to go down the steps on his belly, but wants to sit and scoot down them. Luckily he'll wait for me to go down with him.

Talking: mama, dada, and ball are the biggest ones. He has quit saying his version of book, he says "aa" for cat, and "pu" for dog. I've been worried about about his speaking abilities, but his pediatrician said it's fine and he'll have a word explosion soon. I've asked several mommy friends and had the same response. The biggest thing is that his comprehension is great and he communications wonderfully - he's just quiet. We asked him the other day if he could say cat and he looked at us, grinned, shook his head yes, then went back to playing. He'll watch us say words, really paying attention, and then just sort of nod his head and turn away like "ok, I've got it now."

He's been signing more lately too, which is funny to me because we don't watch signing time all that often anymore. Some of the things he "signs" like "all done" aren't the correct signs - but the biggest point is that he has something he does everytime he means that. He signs more, milk, eat, sleep, water, please, mom, dad, yes, no, uh oh, all done, wash hands, and bird - which is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I had no idea he could do it until this weekend. He was playing with a ball that had a picture of a penguin on it and we realized he was signing bird!

Milestones: Isn't everything?

Favorite toys/activities: Playing outside, playing in water, playing with balls - he loves to throw them, kick them, shoot them into the basket, hit them with a bat - I think he's going to love sports.

His other favorite past time is playing with the flashcards, or his "First 100 Words" book. He amazes me everyday with what he points out. When you're on a particular 2 page layout you can see 18 pictures. We'll randomly ask him to show us the "X" and he knows so many of them! Right now he knows baby, duck, chair/seat/sofa, cat, dog, cup, flower, teddy bear, ball, car, shoes, fish, hair brush, bathtub, boat, pillow, lamp/light, book, clock, keys, phone, TV, table, flower, leaf, socks, and bird. He understands lots of other words too, but those are ones from the book. :)

I'm just amazed daily with how much he picks up. He's started doing his puzzles (the ones where you take the piece out and you put it back into the same place that shows the picture) and gets pieces put back. He's started to learn how his big lego blocks work.

Dislikes: diaper changes

Disposition: He's such a happy little guy!

Other cute things about him:
*He is getting better and better with the kitties. He's so sweet with them and loves to give them hugs.

*he loves when daddy gets home. We can hear his car coming down the street and I'll say , "Luke! I hear daddy's car!" and he runs to the door. We also go outside to meet him so that Luke can sit in daddy's car for a few minutes.
*He loves balls so much that I think he dreams about them. I heard him talking last night and thought he was awake - but no - he was just saying ball in his sleep.
*He knows so many body parts! Head/hair, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hands, belly button, feet/toes. One day he seemed to know knees but hasn't done it since.
*He has a toy vaccuum that he loves. If he sees me vacuuming he goes to get it. Once we were sitting on the couch and he had to make sure that it sat with us.

I said it last month but it's so much fun having a toddler!

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