Thursday, June 23, 2011


We went on our first family camping trip for Father's Day weekend! We went down to McCormick's Creek State Park with our friends Anne, Kyle, Molly (3 years old) and Eleanor (1 year old.) We picked McCormick's Creek because it's 12 minutes from Jason's parents house - and when you're camping with 3 little ones a backup plan is a good idea. Luckily we didn't need it!

The weather forecast wasn't promising, but we got there at 12:30 on Saturday and it didn't rain until 7:30am Sunday.

We had lots of camping food (hot dogs, s'mores), went on walks, saw a waterfall, threw rocks in the water, played a lot, slept in the tents, listened to raccoons eat our oreo cookies ... all typical camping stuff!

The 3 kids! Molly, Luke, and Eleanor ...

I'm pretty sure this is when I noticed Luke signing "bird" for the first time

Anne and her almost-1-year-old Eleanor.

Luke's favorite thing was to run around and throw the various balls we brought - luckily he stayed away from the campfire!

Eating a snack in his little camp chair

Having a toast (yes, champagne is solo cups) to celebrate Anne and Kyle's 6 year wedding anniversary.

Down at the waterfall

Getting ready to throw rocks in the creek

A very very tired and dirty little boy right before bed

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