Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trip to Kentucky

My mom, sister, and I took Luke on a trip to Kentucky a few weekends ago and we all had a great time!

On the way there we realized that we might want to invest in a portable dvd player for car trips - although he made the laptop work!

Luke seemed to have a great time playing with his great uncles. This is his Great Uncle Kent.

And reading books with his great uncle Danny. It was so funny - Luke would scowl at him and then demand to be picked up - over and over again.

Taking a picture of his Great Grandpa Sonny.

We also stayed at Great Grandma Rae's house for a day. I think it looks like they're playing "Rock Paper Scissors" here.

And played in water there!

We also saw Great Grandma Barbara, Great Aunt Lesa, and Great Aunt/Uncle Denise and Chip - somehow I didn't get pictures though!

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