Monday, June 27, 2011

Fishers Freedom Festival

This weekend was the annual Fishers Freedom Festival. Last year this was the weekend that Luke had his very first ear infection, so it wasn't really all that memorable. Luckily this year we had a great time!

Karen and I took Luke on the 2 mile family walk on Saturday morning. He did a great job, until the 1.5 mile mark when he decided that he wanted to walk too - only not in the same direction as everyone else. Due to that, we may have been some of the last to finish ...

On Sunday afternoon we went to the parade with Mamaw and Papaw. Luke LOVED it. I was a little worried that he'd be scared by the loud firetrucks, but he just kept peering around people to see if more were coming. He clapped when people clapped and waved at everyone and loved getting the candy from people. One of the floats was from his daycare so he got to see Miss Stephanie (the other toddler room teacher) and Miss Krista (the director.)

Our setup - we went over a little early to put our chairs out and then got there about an hour early to hang out.

Luke thought that he could help kick the parade off while we were waiting.

Our family!

Sitting with papaw

Watching the fire trucks go by

One group on the parade handed out stuffed dogs instead of candy - just what Luke wanted!


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