Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby shower!!

My mom and sister hosted a wonderful shower yesterday! They did such an amazing job with everything and we are so thankful for our amazing friends and family.

I posted this before, but here were the invitations that they made:

I think I only cried about 4 times (surprised??) and the first time was when I walked in and saw all of the decorations. It was a blue/green elephant theme - which matches our nursery.

The table with the cupcakes, before the food:

There are no pictures, but the food was chicken salad sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, veggie tray, fruit tray, bacon wrapped dates, a cream cheese/sun dried tomato/pesto torte, and cupcakes!

And they had chocolate elephants on them!

For favors they had pretzel rods dipped in chocolate:

This was a diaper cake that my friend Anna made. My mom found the little elephant and painted it to add to it.

On that same table there was a punch bowl, a blown up picture from the ultrasound that we had recently, and bowls with blue and green M&Ms. In a different place in the room there was also a baby picture of Jason when he was little and one of me (which I'll need to scan and post sometime - you won't believe how blond Jason was!)

We started out eating and then played some games. There was a quiz type game that asked several questions about babies (how many bones are they born with, how long is the average umbilical cord, when is my due date, etc.) Then we played a "Price is Right" game - they held up various baby items - diapers, wipes, bottles, a onesie, etc - and we had to write down how much we thought it was. Then we added up and whoever had the closest total won. I came up with $56 for everything. The correct price was $40.48. Someone came within 2 cents! I made Jason do it later and he came up with $59. We were both happy that things don't cost quite as much as we thought they did.

Then we played a relay race. You had to unsnap a onesie on a baby doll, take off the old diaper, put a new one on, resnap the onesie and pass the doll to the next person. My team won. :)

Then it was time for the gifts! So many amazing amazing gifts! This was the second time that I cried. I opened that first one, saw a cute onesie, and just couldn't believe that this was actually happening.

I'm not a big fan of how I look opening presents so no pictures from that. Here are just some random pictures though.

Me, Kim (a great family friend who provided so much support during the last few years), Jason's mom, and my mom:

I thought this was a cute picture of my mom. You can kind of see my sister behind the balloons.

And one of part of the rest of the room:

Me and the wonderful hostesses:

Jason and I when he came to help load things up:

And me unpacking the loot when we got home! I mentioned it before but we got so many wonderful things and are so very thankful! Pack n play, umbrella stroller, clothes, toys, nursery rhyme cd, blankets, bedding, bath stuff, diapers, monitor, stuffed animals, bibs, feeding things, books, my diaper bag, a handmade nursing cover, baby carrier, and a gift certificate for a prenatal massage!!! (Which I'm using tomorrow!)

Sorry for the long post! It was just such a great time and I'm still excited about it! I'll probably do my 30 week post tomorrow but in case you were wondering, he is the weight of a good sized cabbage this week.


Kathy said...

wow!!! You're all set :-)

cute theme - the hostesses did a great job. Your mom is cute :)

Lisa said...

Have fun putting away all of your loot!! :)