Friday, December 04, 2009

I'm looking at you!

(If you don’t see it right away – that’s his forehead at the top, then his eyes are the dark spots, his nose in the middle, his chubby little cheeks and mouth are under that.)

I ended up back at the doctor/hospital last night. They wanted to know if the spotting continued and as of yesterday afternoon it hadn’t stopped yet. They had me come in and did an ultrasound to make sure that the placenta was still attached and in the right place. (Sometimes if it is lower it can cause bleeding.) They also checked the length of my cervix, which happened to be really long. Then I had an appt with my OB. She did an exam and went over a bunch of other things. My mom was with me at the time and we thought I’d just be leaving then, but Dr. Box said that they wanted to monitor me for 4 hours (yes 4 hours!) and if all looked good then I’d be allowed to go. (At this point I'm thinking WHAT? There's a chance I might not be leaving???) Then she started asking questions about how much I’m working, etc. I was scared to death that they were going to start talking bed rest! Luckily when she found out I just sit at a desk all day that line of conversation stopped. Anyways, they made me get in a wheel chair and took me back down to triage. At this point Jason got there and my mom left. They took several vials of blood to check for things (my platelet count came back low earlier this week so I think that was part of the reason.) In the 4 hours I was hooked up I only had 1 contraction, and Luke did just fine. He was moving all over the place and had the hiccups a few times. So at 7 they let me go back home. At that point the spotting had all but stopped. We still have no idea what caused it, but all of the big things were ruled out. Instead of waiting 2 weeks until my normal appt I have to go back next week to see Dr. Box. Until then I’m not allowed to lift things, exercise, do any strenuous activity, etc. (Not that I ever do those things anyways!)

So hopefully these fun little trips are over for now!

And for some really great news, I passed my glucose tolerance (gestational diabetes) test! Yay! We were worried about that one because I'm insulin resistant which I guess makes me higher risk for it.

Here's another picture from yesterday. You're sort of looking up his nose, and at his open mouth. Not sure if he was yawning or swallowing, but it was so cute when he opened it up. We're having a 3D/4D ultrasound in a week and a half, and especially after seeing him yesterday, I'm beyond excited for it.


Christine said...

Wow that top u/s pic is a cute one! You can really see the cheeks!
And you mentioned Luke, is that his name? If so, what an awesome name!
Glad everything seems to be OK!

Lisa said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. Such an exciting time! So - is Luke his name then?