Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It's a few days late, but we wanted to say Merry Christmas!!

I think next year's picture is going to be a little more difficult to arrange - a 10 month old plus the two kitties. Because don't let them fool you - while they might not look thrilled with this particular photo, I don't think they'd agree to being left out. They absolutely love Christmas. From the moment Jason starts the fire they are right there with us. And they know that the stockings are for them!

(See both waiting patiently ...)

It's present time! We also have some cute video of them playing with their new toys - just like little kids! Can you say "spoiled?"

Instead of posting the actual video, here is a pic of Pickles having a grand time attacking the mouse.

And afterwards, posing calmly with the stocking.

Cali got confused and thought that she was a present.

Someone mentioned to me that this would be our last Christmas without toys. Not quite true, as we had one fun toy that was opened. Santa brought an auto workbench for Luke and Daddy. It was one that we'd found 3 years ago - but hadn't seen since then. Santa works in wondrous ways though and it ended up in our living room this year!

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