Wednesday, April 20, 2011

14 months old

Age: 14 months

Weight: Somewhere between 25 and 26 lbs

Length: not sure

Size: Size 4 diapers, and mostly 18 month clothes. 12 month pants are now too short.

Hair: blondish brown. It starts to curl when it gets longer - we took him last week to have it cut again.

Teeth: Working on #12 (the last 1 year molar)

Sleeping: Still great at night - 7pm to 6:30am. He likes to take a book to bed with him now and it's one of the first things he grabs when he wakes up in the morning. Naps are going better too. At school he takes one nap, for about 2 hours (on a cot!) At home he takes one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Eating: We struggle here. He's 100% on table foods, but is so picky! Tonight all he wanted was yogurt and cheerios. Not quite a balanced meal there. He hates all fruit - and likes to hide it in his tray. He loves fruit flavored things though.

Movement: He's walking!!! We'll consider it official as of the 17th (day before 14 months old) - he took 6-8 steps that day. Now (3 days later) he can walk across the room!

Talking: mama, dada/dadee, ba (ball), bo (book), baboo/bubu (puppy). We've also seen him sign milk, eat, sleep, and please. When he watches Signing Time his little hands twitch like he's just dying to try.

Milestones: walking!

Favorite toys/activities: Reading a book, playing with balls, being outside, coloring (especially with the bathtub crayons)

Dislikes: fruit, being laughed at, being told no

Disposition: Quite the happy little guy but can be quite ornery. He also is getting more demanding when he wants something.

Other cute (and not so cute) things about him:
*he loves to wash his hands before/after meals.
*he lays his head down when you ask him if he wants to go to sleep.
*he gives kisses!
*he knows what going outside means - and goes to the door when you say outside
*he's in a hitting stage, which apparently is normal. We're working on getting him to stop though. When we tell him he has to be nice/gentle/easy with the kitties he'll stop and pet them. At school he started to hit someone and I told him that he had to be easy - so he pet her head instead.

And now for some more walking video:

The end of this one is hilarious - he was going so fast that he didn't stop and bounced back off of the ball

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Anna said...

14 months! Wow time flies. So excite he is walking now but look out. Next comes climbing and jumping and other dare devil acts.