Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garage sale shopping

Because I am my mother, I have an obsession with garage sales. And luckily that season is now upon us. We went out yesterday and today and found several fun things - clothes and shoes for Luke, some books, puzzles, a basketball goal, refrigerator magnets, some shelves, a step stool, and some other miscellaneous things. Luke has been such a trooper through it all, although it finally wore him out this morning.

(On a side note, he was also a trooper because he put up with watching the Royal Wedding with my mom and I.)

Back to the garage sale finds:

Here he is playing with a new puzzle, while sitting in a new booster seat.

And now for the favorite purchase. While I was searching garage sale ads on CraigsList I saw that one in Fishers had the Step 2 rollercoaster. I emailed her on Thursday to see about buying it early but she wanted too much for it. It's not something that I was actually looking for or needed, but I thought it looked cool if I could get a good deal. We went by her sale on Friday and she still wanted too much. I went back over there today at 2:30 (the sale ended at 3) and she had marked it down quite a bit. I offered even less, and now we own a roller coaster! Luke is a fan!

It's good for just laying on too.

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Michelle said...

Love, love, love garage sales! Sounds like you had some great finds today :)