Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I've been worried that Luke hasn't seem interested in books. I love to read, and always have, and really hoped it would be something Luke would enjoy. I know, I know - he's only 13 months old - but it seems that so many toddlers LOVE books and he has wanted nothing to do with them. I worried that we didn't read to him enough the last year and that's why he wasn't interested.

Luckily that has all changed! He loves books, especially big ones with pictures. He likes to point out things and have you tell him what they are.

And even more exciting - he can say book! Well, sort of - he says "bo!" The k gets dropped off. He's very consistent though and it's obvious that's what he's saying and wants. He'll be in the middle of playing, spy a book out of the corner of his eye, say "bo!" and go get it. I just love it!

He's pretty good at pointing out the balls and kitty cat when you ask him where they are.

Not the greatest, but you can sort of hear him say "bo" here.

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