Sunday, April 01, 2012

25 months old

I'm not sure if I'll continue to do these every month, but it is nice to go back and look at, so we'll see.

Age: 25 months old

Weight: +33

Length: Over 35 1/2"

Size: Size 6 diapers during the day. Shoes size 7. We seem to be skipping 2T shirts - 3T fit better length wise. Shorts are 2T. Pajamas (if 2 pieces) are 4T - they just fit him better in the torso.

Hair: It's getting a big longer, and while a bit crazy, I love it.

Teeth: I think we might have all of them, but can't really check.

Sleeping: Great, we are so very blessed here. He goes to bed at 8pm (in his twin bed) and gets up when we wake him up at 7:15 during the week, or after 8am on the weekend. Naps range from 1 1/2 hrs - 2 hours. I hesitate to say this, as I don't want to jinx anything, but he has never climbed out of his bed, unless we're in there to get him up.

Eating: Making progress! In the last week he has eaten (and seems to like) mashed potatoes, cheese sandwich, and strawberries. He loves those strawberries! (You know, the sames ones that he hated 2 weeks ago.) He drinks out of a regular cup now and hardly ever spills. As he reaches for the glass he sometimes says "2 hands, be careful." They teach him well at school.

Talking: He is such a talker. He comes home everyday and will tell us what he did that day. In this video he told me that his best friend is Josh, he and Josh ate cookies, juice, water .... and leaves. Oh, and the dinosaurs also ate the leaves. (He actually told me all of this unprompted on the way home, but to get it on tape I had to prompt him a bit.)

Favorite toys/activities: Dinosaurs, playing outside, and puzzles. He loves doing puzzles, the jigsaw kind. 12 piece puzzles are the best for him - he can mostly figure them out himself. 24 pieces are more difficult and he needs help. He has a few 12 piece ones that I think he's memorized and he can knock them out in less than 90 seconds. Don't believe me?

Dislikes: Leaving playdates, coming in from outside, leaving the park

Disposition: So very happy. He had a week of being possessed by the devil around when he turned 2, but has luckily grown out of that.

Other things about him:
* He is very independent. "Luke do it." "My do it." Unfortunately Luke can't do things like mow the lawn, use the weed eater, or drive a car. He struggles with this.
* He is a little tattle teller. When he gets hurt, he tells me "who" did it. Most of the time this is something like the "sidewalk." He came in the kitchen crying the other night and told me that his lip hurt, followed by "daddy did it." Turns out daddy washed his mouth off after dinner.
* He knows different dinosaurs! He can accurately pick out and tell what is a T-rex, triceratops, and stegosaurus.
* The poor kid can't eat popsicles. He licks them, which takes too long and they melt. We tried the ones the push pop ones (that you buy in liquid form and freeze) but he just wants it all out of the plastic.

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