Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

I have a hard time believing this was Luke's 3rd Easter. I also thought it was funny when I put these picture together - his pjs from last year and this year were so similar.

We started the weekend by decorating some eggs, which was fun, but really, Luke thought the plastic eggs with candy in them were cooler.

The Easter bunny came to visit our house overnight!

He brought a Thomas lunch box, side walk chalk, Mickey Mouse underwear, Mickey bubbles, Toy story silverware, a rocketship plate, and dinosaur tattoos - whoa.

The bunny also hid some eggs around the house - Luke loved looking for them.

He thought that maybe the bunny hid some under the fridge.

He was by himself in the living room for awhile after finding the eggs, being very quiet. We went in and saw this:

Then I tried to get a posed picture of him in front of the door - I thought these were so cute!

Later we had brunch at our house with Jason's family and then dinner at my mom's in the evening. It was a wonderful day!

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