Friday, April 20, 2012

Bye bye paci

A few months before he turned two, Luke had 99% given up his paci. Then he turned two, which was followed by the week that I still swear he was possessed by the devil. He was also teething, and not sleeping, so we gave him his paci back at night in an attempt to stop the madness. Fast forward 2 months to now, and he has been sleeping at night and naps with it. Which was all fine and dandy, until he woke up this morning and it was like this:

He nearly bit it in two, which meant it was time to say bye bye to the pacis.

We watched a video about Elmo saying goodbye. He colored a box and packed the pacis in, to send to a baby who needed them. After watching it, Luke seemed on board with the whole thing.

He colored the box:

Packed the paci's inside, every single one, all by himself.

And carried it outside to leave for the mailman:

When it came time for bed he didn't even ask for it! He went right to bed - so far so good! To celebrate we're going to get his room down in all of his car stuff! He's had the twin bed with the car bedding for a few months, but we hadn't done the rest of the redecorating - that happens this weekend!

Now for some video!


Michele said...

It makes me want to cry. He is such a big boy now!

Jen said...

Congrats! Can he come and get Katelyn's? ;)