Sunday, April 01, 2012


We had such a fabulous time on our trip to Florida. We all drove down this year (Luke and I flew last year) and while it's not something I would want to do every week, it was worth it for the time we had down there.

The weather was fantastic, aside from the very first day when it rained. We spent every single day at a pool (there are several at the resort) and while Luke was a bit tentative at first, he was jumping in like a pro by the end of the week. We went to Downtown Disney one night and I think that was the highlight of the trip for Luke. There is a restaurant called T-Rex with a lot of life size dinosaurs. His eyes got so big when we went inside, "Mommy, dinosaurs!!" We walked around several times and he fist bumped many of the dinos.

Here are a few pictures and then a link to the Picasa albums with all of the pictures and videos from the trip.

There are some super cute videos here (and more pictures of course!)
Florida vacation album

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Kathy said...

so cute. the picture of him in his glasses/suit is just adorable! (and you look great!)