Friday, June 18, 2010

4 months old!

We have a 4 month old! These two pictures pretty much sum up what our last month has been like. Due to the two teeth that popped through, and the two that are on their way - someone constantly had their hands in their mouth. And most days we'd go from the smiley baby in the first pic to the concerned baby in the second. Always cute though!

His official stats will be on Monday at his appt, but weighed at home this morning, our chunky monkey is 16 lbs, 2 1/2 oz! His weight gain was just under 1 1/2 lbs this month. It had actually slowed down, and then this past week he gained 1/2 a pound!

The weight gain this week was probably because he suddenly decided that 28-32 oz wasn't enough anymore. We increased his bottle size to close to 7 oz, but he still wanted to eat every 2 -2 1/2 hours! For several days in a row we hit 40 oz! That lead to the biggest development this month - he's had rice cereal! The first night he took in about 2 spoonfuls. The second night he finished the bowl - go Luke!

Other fun things from this past month:
- While he's still sleeping through the night for the most part, he's had several "bad" nights. It seems that his mama is the only one that can calm him down then.
- He has found his toes! He does especially great toe touches at 3am.
- He LOVES mornings. He wakes up so happy - most mornings it's him talking or laughing that wakes me up.
- He's started using his exersaucer and jumperoo, and is sitting more in the bumbo seat.
- He likes to buzz his lips and blow bubbles. That has replaced "mama" (I've tried not to cry too much!)
- He still loves the water and I've started to bring him into the bath with me. It's easier to hold him and he can float/kick just like in a pool.
- His favorite "toys" are his Sophie Giraffe and a spiral duck toy. They are the best things to chew on. :)
- He still loves playing "baby in the mirror" with daddy
- The new game with daddy is flying through the air - it mostly ends with mommy being attacked by the flying baby.
- He was baptized! That same weekend he got to meet his great-grandparents for the first time.
- I think his eyes are turning brown. Part of me is sad that they won't stay blue, but I love that they're probably going to match mine.
- He has a lot of nicknames from us. Some of them are: monkey, big boy, turkey, lucas puke-as, and silly goose.

This month while trying to take his pictures he actually "found" his bear. It was like meeting a long lost friend who he could talk to, and of course chew on.


Anna said...

4 months! Ack! How did that happen?!

Lauren said...

Ohmygosh. SO cute!