Sunday, June 27, 2010

A rough few days

Luke hasn't been himself at all the past several days. He would only sleep if someone was holding him and would start screaming if he was laying down. During the day he just wasn't his usual smiley self, but we just weren't sure why. Effects of 4 month shots, constipation from rice cereal, itchiness from eczema, cranky from being tired, going through the "4 month wakeful" ... the possibilities were endless. After the third night of no sleeping (that thankfully my mom and sister tag teamed and handled so Jason and I could sleep) - I took him to the pediatrician's walk-in sick clinic. Diagnosis = ear infection. We were actually so relieved to hear that - it's nice for there to actually be a reason. Poor guy! After tylenol, ear drops, and an antibiotic, he is well on his way to being himself!

This was the night before all hell broke loose.

This was Friday evening - he wasn't upset, but you could tell he just didn't feel good.

And then 7 seconds later ... (there was a time stamp on the picture)

This picture makes me hurt - he looks so sad!

Thankfully he's SO much better today!

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