Sunday, June 06, 2010

Luke's baptism

Luke was baptized this weekend and things went great! We were a little worried because he hasn't been himself the past few days (maybe the teeth??), but overall he did great at church. (It actually went better than last week when we had some loud laughing, spitting up into the pew in front of us, me sitting on a squeak toy, and ending with some crying.)

Even though it was a bit ridiculous, he seemed to like his little tux.

Luke with his godparents - Aunt Karen and Uncle Pat

This was the cake made by A Slice of Heaven Cakery - they are how made our wedding cake!

We all changed when we got back to the house into more comfy clothes. We loved the little shoes on Luke.

Excited about the presents he got! A bible, a cross for his room, the Fisher Price nativity set, some really neat Noah's Ark bookends, and some money for his college fund!

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Anna said...

I LOVE his tiny tux. So adorable. And he looks so old. I know that some of it is just that he is a big boy but he is growing up way too fast for me. Slow down Luke!!!