Sunday, June 20, 2010

A day for daddy

Happy Father's Day! Jason has been such an amazing husband over the last 4 1/2 years and I'm now so excited to say that he's an amazing daddy as well. Luke and I have been looking forward to this day for so long to make sure that he knows just how special he is.

It all started earlier this week with his very first card from Luke. Luke worked really hard on it at school!

Then the big gift was a recliner! Luke was so excited about it that he caved and gave it to Jason a day early. :) It has been stored at my mom's house for 3 weeks and we had such a hard time keeping the secret until Saturday. And funny story about that - I put up our sectional on Craigslist Saturday morning while Jason was at work. (He had no idea this was happening!) I wasn't planning on actually selling it that day - I was just going to show Jason the recliner and tell him that I had listed the other furniture. 10 minutes later though someone contacted me! I was so excited that this was turning into an even bigger surprise than I thought. Unfortunately, Jason got home earlier than I expected - a drove up to see a strange truck and parts of the couch in our driveway. Oops! :) He was still surprised though and loves his chair!

And in case you were wondering - we don't have JUST a chair in our loft. I bought a matching couch (with recliners on each end) to go with it!

So all of this was before actual Father's Day. Today Luke and I decided to let Jason sleep in (until 8:15 - wow!) and then Luke gave him the pictures we took, where he was trying to be just like his daddy.

Then we went to Jason's favorite weekend breakfast join - McDonalds! After that we had a wonderful relaxing day.

Luke tried to figure out how to play his daddy's Xbox.

He also learned to use the steering wheel on his exersaucer. Jason was so proud. :)

We spent most of the afternoon relaxing on the deck with the baby pool. In an effort to have pictures to embarrass Luke with later on in his life, Jason "helped" dress him for the pool.

Ahh ... so relaxing!

Then we played in the shade.

Then we let Jason stay outside to play with his Ipad and smoke a cigar while we went in to cook dinner. (That gets a whole post on it's own - coming soon!)

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