Sunday, June 13, 2010


For the most part Luke has seemed to be feeling better this weekend, even though he's working on his top two teeth. We went to a play date on Friday with our friends Tricia (and her girls Kate and Anna) and Karen (and her little boy Aaron.) While Aaron was taking a nap, Luke did his best to entertain the ladies.

He and Kate seemed to hit it off right away.

Then Anna decided she wanted to steal her sister's man and kept scooting closer and closer to him. "Hello - do you come to this blanket often?"

On Saturday we went over to my friend Annie's house for an amazing lunch. Unfortunately I forgot to get my camera out to get pictures of Luke and her little 2 year old, Andrew. Andrew was very intrigued by the baby, but wasn't so keen on his mom holding the baby. :)

The rest of these are just some random pics from the weekend.


This is a little mesh feeder that we put an ice cube in. He seemed to like it for awhile, until he dropped it and the ice started to melt on his leg.

I'm not sure what they were talking about here, but it must have been a pretty exciting story.

One of Luke's favorite games now is to sit on Jason's shoulders and walk around the house.


Kathy said...

so fun!!!!

Anna said...

Great idea on the ice in the mesh feeder. That must feel really good on his teeth!