Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adventures in rice cereal

The plan was for Luke to start on rice cereal after his 4 month appointment. That actually isn't until next Monday, but after talking to the pediatrician today we decided to go ahead and give it a try. Luke was typically eating about 28-32 oz of formula a day (generally 32 oz is the most recommended.) Lately however, that just hasn't seemed to satisfy him - he's had up to 40 oz a day for almost the last week! The size bottles don't seem to satisfy him (even after we increased them) and he's hungry all.the.time. We know this won't be some magic fix, but it should at least start to help fill him up. It was funny because they commented that we aren't to let it replace any of his formula and that he should still get 24-30 oz a day. Um, were you listening to me earlier? He eats 38-40! We also thought he was showing other signs of being ready - very interested in us eating, mimicking our mouths opening and closing, and shoving the spoon in his mouth (not that that one means anything - he'll shove anything into his mouth these days!)

Anyways, we gave it a try tonight and I'm not entirely sure what the verdict was. See for yourself:

I get to eat something other than my hand? Cool!

I'm not sure if I should be excited about this or not.

WHAT is this stuff in my mouth?

Mom, do I have to eat anymore?

Ok, I'll try again.

Still not sure about this.

Hmm, maybe it's ok?

Nope, still not sure.

Ok, I'll try one more bite.

Maybe it's not so bad!

Nope, still don't like it

REALLY don't like it.

Just kidding! I might be ok with this stuff!

He only had about 2 spoons full that time. We tried again a little later when Aunt Karen was over and he probably had another 2 spoon fulls. In case those pictures weren't enough, here is a video:

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Don't give up! I bet he will learn to love it in a week's time. Also, Dylan wasn't hot on the rice at first either, despite the fact that he eventually became and still is a foodbeast. Sounds like Luke is on the same track. Anyway, it took a smaller, metal, old-fashioned-looking spoon to get him to like it. I know that seems weird, but he liked the light tapping of the spoon on his teeth.