Monday, October 18, 2010

242 days (or 8 months) old

Luke is 8 months old today!

He is 21 lbs exactly and we think about 27 3/4 inches tall. He's in 12 month clothes and mostly in size 4 diapers (especially overnight.)

He eats 4 bottles a day (7-7 1/2 oz) and also has 3 meals. Breakfast is typically yogurt, lunch is a fruit or veggie and dinner is the opposite. I've also bought a few of the Stage 3 gerber purees of mac&cheese, spaghetti, and veggie/pasta mixtures. For "snacks" (while I'm cooking or getting his food ready) he has puffs or yogurt melts. He is great at the pincher grasp and getting them into his mouth. He has tried some other finger foods for fun - pancakes, crackers, and small cut up peeled grapes.

Other fun things from this month:
- He consistently says baba and mama. We think that mamama is starting to actually mean something - me and also just that he needs/wants something (which probably equals me anyways!)
- He has started making clicking noises with his tongue/teeth.
- He is working on teeth 5 and 6, but they are moving SLOWLY.
- He can move all over the place in his walker. He especially loves it if we let him do it outside.

- He can rock back and forth on his hands and knees. He seems to have a lot more strength as he squirms about as well. He hasn't managed how to move forward yet, which is actually just fine with me!

Trying to take a picture of an 8 month old was certainly interesting. (And I feel it is only going to get worse!) Apparently there were more interesting things to do than sit in the glider.

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