Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy little monkey

So the Halloween costume that won was ....... a monkey!

When we put this hat on him we knew we had to it. (We've slightly obsessed with hats with ears ever since he was born.)

We got together with Aunt Karen today to take some pictures - I think he had a pretty good time with it!

He loved eating the leaves

I like to call this one "a monkey learning to crawl" (Which I suppose must happen before they learn to swing through the trees)

If you'd like to take a look at all 161 of them, you can go here - there were some pretty funny outtakes.


Amanda H. said...

I love the picture with the banana!

Anne Hultgren said...

These are great, love them! Tell Karen she needs to come take my halloween pics for me!

Kathy said...

These are adorable!

Jen said...

Love the monkey costume!

Megan said...

Those pictures are fantastic!!!