Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mama, my ears hurt

Poor little guy hasn't been sleeping well (woke up 12 times one night, and the following night was just mostly awake all night - although we can't complain - we got to watch a lot of the first miners being rescued that night.) We know that he's working on two teeth (can see them under the gums) but I took him in anyways just to make sure we weren't dealing with something else. (He never had a fever, but he really never does.)

Turns out he had a double ear infection. He's feeling a lot better and was back to sleeping through the night last night (7:30pm to 6:30am - yay!) This is his 3rd ear infection - they said that if we hit 5 or 6 within a year then we'll have to talk tubes. I'm hoping it slows down - so far they seem mostly related to when he's teething.

**The picture was actually taken tonight when he was bouncing up and down and having fun. I have no idea why he suddenly stopped and put his hands on his ears, but had to get a picture.)

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