Monday, October 04, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We are so excited that fall is finally here! We went to Stony Creek in Noblesville to get our pumpkins this weekend and had a great time - even though they did not have apple cider slushies. There were however straw mazes, hayrides, a crazy turkey that chased us, and of course, pumpkins!

Luke was pretty excited about the animals.

The crazy turkey that chased us

Time to pick a pumpkin! We sat him behind that one, but he kept reaching out and touching the other ones, like he was thinking about them - and then he'd go back to his. It was obviously superior. :)

Say cheese! (We get this face a lot - we're not exactly sure why, but it cracks me up every time he does it.)

Later up this month: a weekend in Brown County, going to Zoo-Boo! with Mamaw and Papaw, trick-or-treating, and finally having some apple cider slushy! We love fall!

(Thanks to Aunt Karen for taking 99% of these pictures!!)

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