Thursday, October 28, 2010


If you know me, you know that I'm not the most spontaneous person and that it can take me quite awhile to actually make a decision. Which is why I shocked even myself by becoming an independent consultant for thirty-one, about 24 hours after I attended a party! (Insert excited/nervous squeal here.)

This all started a few weeks ago at our monthly freezer cooking day. Someone had brought an amazing organizational tote that I found out was from thirty-one. About a week later another friend sent me an invite to a party she was hosting - talk about fate/perfect timing! The party was this week and I fell in love with everything in their catalog. Thirty-one is a great company that sells bags, totes, purses, lunch boxes, and so much more - almost all of which can be personalized. The best part - it's affordable!

After buying some Christmas presents for people - including one for me (thanks Jason!) - I started thinking that this was something I might like to get into. Jason and I talked it over and now here I am:

I plan to start by having an open house to show off all the goodies. I think they would make great Christmas gifts, so stay tuned for info sometime really soon. (Orders need to be in by Dec. 13 for the Christmas deadline.)

If anyone knows that they want to host a party (especially between now and Dec. 13) let me know and we'll get it set up. You can also purchase items individually on my website, or we can have an online/catalog party. (Hostesses receive some great discounts!)

So anyways, I'm really nervous, but also really excited about it. Stay tuned for more information!! (And feel free to contact me before then if you want to know anything else or have any questions!)

And because really - what good is a post without a picture of Luke, here are two of his school picture proofs that we got back last week. We love this little boy!


Karen said...

Want to trade parties?

Kathy said...


Love the school pics!!