Friday, October 15, 2010

The hunt for the Halloween costume

Luke's costume will be debuted tomorrow when we go to Zoo Boo, but until then, here are some that didn't make the cut.

His first costume was going to be Tigger. I bought it at a garage sale last year, thinking that a 6-9 month costume would be perfect. We tried it on awhile back and realize that probably wasn't going to work. Still cute though!

Then Luke's friend Andrew let us borrow his frog costume. We loved that one too, but I really wanted a costume we could keep.

In between all of that, we also toyed with the idea of a puppy dog.

And I don't even know what this was going to be, but I couldn't resist snapping some pictures. Doesn't he make a pretty girl?

He wasn't so sure about it ...

So stay tuned to see what we chose!

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Megan said...

We had a couple of trials for Gavin's first Halloween too which was a lot of fun. He's going to hurt you one day for the red hair one though which makes it just that much more fun.